Northern Lights plans for a two-phased development: Phase 1 is planned with an estimated capacity of 1,5 million tons CO2 annually over 25 years of operations. A possible phase 2 is planned with an estimated capacity of 5 million tons CO2 per year. Further expansions in infrastructure capacity above 5 million tons of CO2 per year will require larger investments than the expansion in phase 2 (Development phase 3).

Verifying that a storage site is safe and well suited for storage is costly and timeconsuming. In order to verify the storage potential in the Aurora complex, Northern Lights, with support from the state, has drilled a verification well that found sandstone and acceptable storage potential in the formation. This well will also be utilised as the injection well. On certain conditions, one more well can be drilled during phase 1. Northern Lights can also invest in up to three ships in phase 1 to transport CO2 from different capture facilities to the onshore terminal at Øygarden.

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