Cement production accounts for approximately 7 per cent of global CO2 emissions. Two-thirds of the emissions from cement production come as a result of the process of converting limestone to cement. As long as limestone is used, the emissions from the process cannot be reduced in any other way than by capturing and storing CO₂. Therefore, the cement industry is dependent on CO2 capture for the products and industry to achieve CO2 neutrality.

Norcem plans to build and operate a CO2 capture facility at the cement plant in Brevik with a capture capacity of approximately 400 000 tons of CO2 annually. Because Norcem plans to use residual heat from the cement plant in the capture of CO2, it is the availability of residual heat that determines the share of emissions that can be captured.

Norcem has chosen Aker Carbon Capture as its main contractor and supplier of CO2 capture technology. CO2 will be separated from the flue gas and liquefied before it will be temporarily stored at Grenland Harbor, where there will be storage capacity for four days of capture operations.

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