Waste management is a growing industry globally. Greenhouse gas emissions from waste management make up approximately 5 per cent of the total global emissions. The transition from landfills to sorting, recycling and energy recovery of residual waste significantly reduces both greenhouse gas emissions and the general impact on the environment. CO2 capture and storage will be an important tool for achieving CO2 neutrality for this industry. Furthermore, the industry will be able to contribute to carbon negative emissions, which inter alia the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) considers important to achieve the goals in the Paris Agreement.

Fortum Oslo Varme plans to build and own a CO2 capture facility with a capture capacity of approximately 400 000 tons of CO2 annually from the waste incineration plant at Klemetsrud.

Fortum Oslo Varme has chosen TechnipFMC as its main contractor and Shell as the supplier of the CO2 capture technology. CO2 will be separated at the incineration plant, liquefied and temporarily stored in tanks at Klemetsrud. From there tank trucks will transport the liquefied CO2 to Oslo Harbor, where there will be storage capacity for four days of capture operations.

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